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ER Decodable Book Previews


Emergent Reader Series

Grades K–1 and Intervention

Emergent Reader Series titles are designed to systematically and cumulatively introduce foundational phonics skills. These important early phonics skills take students into the full alphabetic stage of reading and become the foundation of decodability for all future titles in the Books to Remember Series. Our Emergent Reader titles are carefully designed to offer beginning readers extensive opportunities to apply and internalize what they have learned about letters, speech sounds, letter-sound correspondences, meaningful word parts, and high-frequency words as they practice reading connected, complex, authentic text. Because text is complex and meaningful, close reading skills can be developed in conjunction with foundational skills in multiple rereads of the same text.

Emergent Readers phonics scope and sequence


Jen's Best Gift Ever full decodable book preview

Stink Bug full decodable book preview

I Sang a Song to Spring full decodable book preview


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