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RS1 Foundational Skills Guides Preview

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Foundational Skills Guides

Expertly developed Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides are designed to help teachers develop students’ foundational phonics skills so students emerge as fluent readers fully in the alphabetic stage of literacy. These guides offer evidence-based instruction that develops students' letter-sound correspondence knowledge, phonological awareness and phonics skills, decoding strategies, high-frequency word recognition, ability to connect high-frequency words to meaning, understanding of spelling conventions, ability to connect spelling of word parts to meaning, and understanding of syntax, all of which will be applied during multiple rereads to connected authentic Emergent Reader Series decodable texts.

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Reading Series One Scope and Sequence The Sunset Pond Foundational Skills Guide Preview

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Book-by-book progress monitoring assessments are located in the Post-Reading section of each Foundational Skills Guide. Formative assessments are positioned chronologically in the Foundational Skills Guide binder at the beginning of the series (pre-test) and at the end of the series (post-test). The pre-tests are designed to help you understand what students know as they enter Reading Series 1. The post-tests allow for a thorough analysis of students’ skills in the full-alphabetic phase of word reading, assessing their readiness to transition to reading long vowels and variant vowels in Reading Series 2; as well as assessing their ability to answer text-dependent questions about narrative passages and/or poems and apply the metacognitive strategies that have been modeled during Close Reading instruction, including rereading for better understanding, using knowledge of story grammar to interpret text, and making inferences supported by evidence from the text and illustrations.

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