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RS2 Assessments


Assessments (Included in Foundational Skills Guides)

The Post-Reading section of each Foundational Skills Guide offers a Progress Monitoring and an Oral Reading Fluency assessment. These assessments are designed to be brief and to be administered upon completion of each book’s Foundational Skills and Close Reading Guide instruction. Student performance on these assessments enable you to track students’ progress and provide appropriate support or instructional adjustment.

The first formative assessment is a pre-test to assess what students know when they enter Reading Series 2. (It is the same as the Post–Reading Series 1 Assessment.) Following that, the assessments are designed to be administered at three specific points in the Reading Series 2 scope and sequence: (1) after completion of the consonant digraph books (following instruction of Interesting Elephants); (2) after completion of the Long Vowels with Silent e books (following instruction of Amazing Snakes!); and (3) after Single Long Vowels & Patterns & Soft c and g and r-Controlled Vowels books (following Pearl Learns a Lesson). The formative assessments are designed to help you evaluate what students have learned in foundational skills and close reading instruction—how well they are reading real and nonsense single-syllable and multisyllabic words, high-frequency puzzle words, and multi-paragraph passages—and ultimately assess students’ readiness to exit Reading Series 2 and transition to reading vowel digraphs, variant vowel digraphs, and diphthongs in Flyleaf Publishing’s Decodable Literature Library Reading Series 3. There are two versions (A and B) of each formative assessment, allowing you to retest as necessary. Assessment A has a narrative passage and Assessment B has an informational passage.


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