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Book-by-Book Reading Comprehension Assessments

A newly added Close Reading Guide feature in Reading Series 2 is an optional criterion-referenced comprehension assessment that can be delivered after each book’s foundational skills and close reading instruction. Criterion-referenced assessments uncover a student’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of what he or she knows, understands, or can do as measured against a benchmark or standard—in this case, the Grade Two Common Core English Language Arts Standards. The assessments ask students to independently answer standards-based comprehension questions in both multiple choice and written response formats. The questions are text-dependent, so the expectation is that students will have the book available to reread and find evidence that supports their answers. You can use the Reading Comprehension Assessment Student Response Record (included in Binder 2) to note students’ correct and incorrect answers. If student performance on these assessments reveals weaknesses, we recommend delivering an appropriate Reading Series 2 Formative Assessment to identify gaps in knowledge; you can then analyze error patterns and make plans to adjust instruction.

Below are two book-by-book reading comprehension assessments you can preview, download, and print.


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