Foundational Skills Scope & Sequence

This chart illustrates the systematic, cumulative progression of phonics skills introduced in all 89 Flyleaf titles, across all reading series.

Close Reading Scope & Sequence

This chart illustrates the cumulative progression of close reading skills that are modeled and scaffolded in Flyleaf's Close Reading Guide instruction, across all series. Each section lists the instruction used to develop the skills and strategies that students are expected to exhibit as they progress through each stage of reading development.

Teacher's Guide Overviews

Teacher’s Guide Overviews provide teachers with an understanding of the scope of instruction included in each guide in each reading series, give a sense of the amount of time instruction should take, explain the instructional design and research behind activities or assessments, and offer guidance for interpreting student performance on assessments and developing plans to adjust instruction when word-reading or comprehension difficulties are identified.

Model Lesson Videos

Model lessons videos are intended to introduce each activity's purpose, materials, and instructional procedures within the Foundational Skills Teacher's Guides, across all series.