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Reading Series One

Reading Series One Classroom set with decodable books and teacher's guides

The Decodable Literature Library Reading Series One decodable books are designed to consolidate the foundational reading skills taught in the Emergent Reader Series. Foundational Skills Guides help teachers ensure that students have solid early alphabetic phonics skills and catch any gaps in student knowledge. Close Reading Teacher's Guides ensure that students have the early comprehension skills that will enable them to conduct close readings of the text.

Designed for first grade students on grade level and older students in need of intervention.

Reading Series One decodable books boxed set

Decodable Books

A collection of 10 decodable books give students ample opportunities to apply the foundational phonics and close reading skills they have learned to more complex narrative texts and poetry.

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Reading Series One Foundational Skills guides for decodable books

Foundational Skills Teacher's Guides

These guides are designed to help teachers solidify students' early alphabetic phonics skills and catch and repair any gaps in foundational skills knowledge. Includes assessments.

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Reading Series One Close Reading Teacher's Guides for decodable books

Close Reading Teacher's Guides

Designed to help teachers guide students to explore text at different levels of meaning. Teachers model and scaffold the habits of skilled readers.

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Progress Monitoring Assessments for decodable books


Book-by-book progress monitoring assessments and beginning (pre-test) and end (post-test) of series formative assessments...

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