Reading Series Three: Book Set (19 titles)

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second and third grade students on grade level and older students in need of intervention
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The Reading Series Three Book Set is a collection of engaging and authentic decodable books in a range of text types that includes narratives, informational texts, and poetry. These texts are tied to a systematic phonics scope & sequence and give students extensive practice in reading high-frequency words and single-syllable and multisyllabic words with digraph vowel team, variant digraph vowel team, and diphthong vowel team spellings. Students will also be introduced to a variety of advanced letter-sound correspondences that can be read by analogy.

Includes: 1 boxed Reading Series Three book set with 19 titles (one copy of each title)

Samples of Reading Series Three materials can be accessed using the “See Samples” links below.

Additional information about Flyleaf products can be found in the Resources drop-down menu; for more information about the Reading Series Three Book Set, see the Reading Series Three section of the Foundational Skills Scope & Sequence.

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Reading Series Three Phonics Scope and Sequence for decodable books

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