Reading Series Three

Reading Series Three materials are appropriate for second and third grade students on grade level and for older students in need of intervention. These materials include a book set, Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides for phonics instruction, and Close Reading Teacher’s Guides for comprehension instruction. The materials can be purchased separately or can be used together to deliver a full complement of reading instruction.
The Reading Series Three Book Set is a collection of engaging and authentic decodable books in a range of text types that includes narratives, informational texts, and poetry. These texts are tied to a systematic phonics scope & sequence and give students extensive practice in reading high-frequency words and single-syllable and multisyllabic words with digraph vowel team, variant digraph vowel team, and diphthong vowel team spellings. Students will also be introduced to a variety of advanced letter-sound correspondences that can be read by analogy.
Reading Series Three Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides contain explicit, systematic, book-by-book instruction that supports teachers in the delivery of evidence-based foundational skills instruction with a focus on the vowel team syllable and reading and spelling words with its three variations (vowel digraph, variant vowel digraph, and diphthong), as well as reading and spelling words with vowel spellings that have unexpected pronunciations. As students become adept at recognizing types of vowel team syllables, they will be able to decode more words. This will increase the number of words they can read by sight and analogy. As students advance, they will read words by recognizing larger orthographic units (such as syllables and rimes). This developing ability allows students to read with greater efficiency than is possible when reading sound-by-sound. Our Reading Series Three foundational skills instruction also includes the scaffolded analysis of inflectional suffixes and the teacher-directed analysis of derivational affixes. Once students have been taught these important skills, they can apply what they know to Reading Series Three books. Foundational Skills Teacher's Guides include book-by-book progress monitoring assessments and periodic formative assessments.
Reading Series Three Close Reading Teacher’s Guides are currently under development.
The Reading Series Three Complete Classroom Set contains suggested materials for delivering a full complement of Reading Series Three instruction to a small group.
Reading Series Three Titles
Reading Series Three Scope & Sequences