Reading Series Two: Close Reading Teacher's Guides

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Reading Series Two Close Reading Teacher’s Guides contain scripted, book-by-book instruction that supports teachers as they model or scaffold students in the process of analyzing the setup, initiating event, and resolution of a story using Flyleaf’s Reading Series Two Story Grammar Bookmarks or the text structure of an informational text using annotation bookmarks and graphic organizers. Responsibility for implementing text comprehension strategies is gradually released to students as the series progresses and students begin to anticipate elements of narrative structure and become comfortable with the literate language (connecting words, mental-state verbs, and feeling words) used in discussions of story relationships and characters’ thoughts and feelings. Additionally, students will begin to anticipate the text structure and text features of informational text and poems. Throughout the series, students can practice important strategic reading behaviors, such as thinking and talking about the text and illustrations, understanding nuances in word meaning, making inferences, reflecting deliberately on understanding, grappling with and identifying text structure, and examining the author’s craft. Reading Series Two Close Reading Teacher's Guides include book-by-book comprehension assessments.

Includes: 2 binders containing Reading Series Two Close Reading Teacher’s Guides (one guide for each book in the series, reading comprehension assessments, and blackline masters)

Samples of Reading Series Two materials can be accessed using the “See Samples” links below.

Additional information about Flyleaf products can be found in the Resources drop-down menu; for more information about Reading Series Two Close Reading Teacher’s Guides, see the Reading Series Two sections of the Close Reading Scope & Sequence and Teacher’s Guide Overviews.

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