About Flyleaf: A Letter from the Founder

Ever since I was a child, I have had a love of reading. Now, after having taught children how to read, I have a profound respect for what a powerful skill literacy is.
During my teaching years, I felt strongly about the importance of systematic phonics instruction, but I was dissatisfied with the decodable books that were available. The only decodables I could find were low quality and contained controlled texts that lacked meaning and comprehensibility. I wanted decodable books that would enable students to successfully apply phonics skills while enjoying meaningful reading experiences. If I was going to introduce children to the important world of reading and books, I wanted to motivate them with beautiful literature that they could read independently. I wanted "real" books with decodable texts. 
I founded Flyleaf Publishing in 1998 with a mission to create fine-art illustrated, authentic, and engaging decodable literature to help students and teachers bridge the gap between phonetic decoding and fluent independent reading. Since that time, Flyleaf has published over 80 titles that are supplemented by evidence-based instructional materials that help students read better and teachers teach better.
Our books and materials are currently helping thousands of classroom teachers, special education teachers, reading specialists, intervention specialists, private tutors, parents, and grandparents launch students on the path to becoming successful readers. Consistently, I hear that Books to Remember are the first "real" books students are able to read independently. I am thrilled to know that our real books are making a real difference for students and teachers.
If you make the choice to use Books to Remember to enrich and enhance your instruction, I hope that you and your students will find the pleasure of great literature between our book pages, and that one day your students will be able to say, "Ever since I was a child, I have had a love of reading..."
Laura Appleton-Smith
Author and Publisher