Emergent Reader Series

Emergent Reader Series materials are appropriate for pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students on grade level and for older students in need of intervention. These materials include a book set, Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides for phonics instruction, and Close Reading Teacher’s Guides for comprehension instruction. The materials can be purchased separately or can be used together to deliver a full complement of reading instruction.

The Emergent Reader Classroom Set contains suggested materials for delivering a full complement of Emergent Reader Series instruction to a small group. Each set includes one Emergent Reader Foundational Skills Teacher's Guide, six word chain card decks, one Emergent Reader Close Reading Teacher's Guide, and six copies of each Emergent Reader Series book. For whole-group instruction, the purchase of additional book sets is recommended.

Emergent Reader Series Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides contain explicit, systematic, book-by-book instruction that supports teachers in the delivery of evidence-based foundational phonemic awareness and phonics routines with a focus on reading and spelling closed-syllable words, including VC words, CVC words, CCVCC words (blends), compound and multisyllabic words, and words with endings. The instruction also includes teacher-directed analysis of inflectional endings. Once students have been taught these important skills, they can apply what they know to Emergent Reader books. Foundational Skills Teacher's Guides include book-by-book progress monitoring assessments and periodic formative assessments.

Emergent Reader Series Close Reading Teacher’s Guides contain scripted, book-by-book instruction that supports teachers as they model or scaffold students in the process of reading and thinking deeply about Emergent Reader texts. Our Emergent Reader Series close reading instruction focuses student attention on the interplay between all elements of comprehension; for example, What do the words say? What do the vocabulary, the punctuation, and the illustrations convey? What can we infer from the text and illustrations and how does that deepen our understanding of the text? What does the text make us wonder about?

The Emergent Reader Series Book Set is a collection of engaging, meaningful, and comprehensible decodable books in a range of text types that includes narratives, informational texts, and poetry. These texts are tied to a systematic phonics scope & sequence and give the most novice readers practice reading single consonants, short vowels, several high-utility digraphs and endings, and high-frequency words.

Please note that Emergent Reader Series “companion” texts are simpler versions of Reading Series One. Since the rate of mastery of foundational skills can vary as students transition from the partial- into the full-alphabetic phase of word-reading development, companion texts can promote opportunities for differentiated instruction. 

Emergent Reader Series Titles
Emergent Reader Series Scope & Sequences