Emergent Reader Series: Foundational Skills Teacher's Guides

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pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students on grade level and older students in need of intervention
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Emergent Reader Series Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides contain explicit, systematic, book-by-book instruction that supports teachers in the delivery of evidence-based foundational phonemic awareness and phonics instruction with a focus on reading and spelling closed-syllable words, including VC words, CVC words, CCVCC words (blends), compound and multisyllabic words, and words with endings. Our Emergent Reader Series foundational skills instruction also includes teacher-directed analysis of inflectional endings. Once students have been taught these important skills, they can apply what they know to reading Emergent Reader books. Foundational Skills Teacher's Guides include book-by-book progress monitoring assessments and periodic formative assessments.

Includes: 1 binder containing Emergent Reader Series Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides (one guide for each book in the series), progress monitoring assessments, formative assessments, blackline masters, and 1 Emergent Reader Series Foundational Skills Card Booklet; and 1 deck of Word Chain activity cards

Samples of Emergent Reader Series materials can be accessed using the “See Samples” links below.

Additional information about Flyleaf products can be found in the Resources drop-down menu; for more information about Emergent Reader Series Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guides, see the Emergent Reader Series sections of the Foundational Skills Scope & Sequence, Teacher’s Guide Overviews, and Model Lesson Videos.


Emergent Readers phonics scope and sequence



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