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Reading Series Three: Classroom Set

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Reading Series Three titles build upon the foundational skills addressed in Reading Series Two.

Written by Laura Appleton-Smith and Susan Blackaby; Illustrated by Keinyo WhitePreston Neel, and Carol Vredenburgh

The Reading Series Three Classroom Set inlcudes: 6 copies of each title, 1 Foundational Skills Guide set and binder (includes Assessments), 1 Close Reading Guide binder, and Blackline masters.

Titles included in Reading Series Three:

Lin-Lin and the Seagulls

Shep the Sheep of Caladeen

Tracking with Uncle Joe

Plates, Quakes, and Glowing Magma

Snail Hits the Trail

Keeping Track of Snail Facts

Oh My! It Must Be the Sky!

Butterfly Life Cycle

The Splendid Pool

Which Is Bluest?

What Is It? Take a Look!

Flapjacks from Paul Bunyan's Kitchen

True Bugs

Bon-Bon and the Downtown Cow

Sonoran Desert Seasons

Margaret Strong, Toy Collector

Planets, Asteroids, and Our Solar System

Poetry Anthology 1: Head to a Pleasant Spot and Other Poems to Remember

Poetry Anthology 2: Cousin Trouble and Other Poems to Remember


Reading Series Three concludes the Decodable Literature Library, a collection of beautifully illustrated, authentic literature that allows students to apply more advanced letter-sound correspondences to narrative and informational texts. Our unique evidence-based sequence allows the Decodable Literature Library to supplement any beginning reading curriculum, giving students abundant opportunities to transfer their knowledge of letter-sound correspondences and irregular high-frequency words to motivating connected texts. If a title’s target letter-sound correspondences and puzzle words have been previously introduced, the book is 100% decodable.


Target Skills: Consonant Digraphs, Long Vowels with Silent e, Single Long Vowels & Patterns & Soft and g, r-Controlled Vowels, Vowel Digraphs, Varient Vowel Digraphs & Diphthongs

To view letter-sound corresponces for each title, please see our listing of Current Titles by Individual Products.


Text Complexity

Flyleaf Recommended Grade Level: Please see the Text Complexity Chart.

For more details on Decodability, High-Frequency Words, and Story Words percentages; Guided Reading, DRA, and Lexile Measures for individual titles, please refer to our Text Complexity Chart.**

**We ask you to use judgment when choosing appropriate grade levels for our books. We believe that readers in grades 1-3 can and should read Decodable Literature Library titles to experience robust vocabulary and the richness and beauty of literature during an independent reading experience. Please see Flyleaf's recommended grade levels on the Text Complexity Chart for more information.

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6 copies of 19 titles, 1 Foundational Skills Teacher’s Guide set, 1 Close Reading Teacher’s Guide set
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